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4 Five VI offers compelling and engaging educational programs, residencies, and workshops for students from primary school through college and the professional level. Our ensemble members are skilled and experienced educators who are deeply committed to sharing the work we do with others. All 4 Five VI educational programs are specifically designed around the needs of the participants making each one a unique educational experience. Contact us to create your own specialized program.

Some of the educational programs offered by 4 Five VI:

Workshops & Masterclasses

# For participants at all levels of experience (primary school - college & professional).
Masterclasses range in duration anywhere from 45 minutes to a full day.

Topics include:

Ensemble skills; improvisation; SoundPainting and improvisation for performers in any artistic medium; composition for the composer-performer; performance skills for wind instrumentalists, woodwind, brass, guitar, and double bass masterclasses; creating interactive music with imagery; creating your own film or video with an original score; creating live interactive music for storytellers.

SoundPainting Workshops

# Soundpainting is a composing sign language for any artist/performer working in the medium of structured improvisation. It is comprised of a series of gestures that are signed by the composer/conductor indicating the type of improvisation desired of the performers. Soundpainting is a method of communicating with performers during a performance and shaping the work as it is being created. It can be used to spontaneously create any performance event such as concerts, dance or theater works, film scores, or educational presentations.

Because of its unique inclusiveness Soundpainting serves as an excellent platform for engaging the creativity of participants in any artform regardless of age, background, ability, or experience. Beginning with simple gestures that grow in sophistication, our Soundpainting workshops quickly engage the participants to create performances that are unique to them. These workshops are hands-on experiential learning events utilizing multiple learning methods. They provide participants with powerful new creative tools to use in the furthering of their own artistic pursuits. Soundpainting workshops are flexible in scope and duration and are designed around the needs of the participants.


# For participants seeking a more in-depth collaborative experience our residency programs are particularly enriching. Through an extended collaboration period with the ensemble the participants actively share in the creative process culminating in a joint creation and performance of an original work.
Residency programs enable students to absorb methodology through a cumulative learning process over an extended period of time. Our residency programs are flexible in scope and duration and are designed around the needs of the participants.