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4 Five VI is a unique ensemble that explores the intersection of composed and improvised music. The group performs creative music from diverse traditions and works with techniques integrating improvisation with written music and other artistic mediums.

Specializing in innovative projects involving film, video, and visual art, 4 Five VI works extensively in the collaborative creation and performance of original music with ground breaking visual media. Their wide-ranging projects in this area span early silent films through to animation and videography by contemporary directors. The ensemble draws upon a wide-ranging creative process utilizing many inventive techniques. These include the use of Soundpainting, a live composing sign language for performers and visual artists that utilizes over 800 gestures.

In their programs featuring visual media collaborations, 4 Five VI specializes in working with innovative, new, and rarely screened films and visual media. These include specially curated programs encompassing a wide variety of themes and elements such as early European surrealist films, Czech animation, new video created live, rare Soviet era Russian animation, American silent comedies and Aqua Cinema - water as cinematic inspiration.

4 Five VI is: